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How to choose the best retirement plan

Let’s bring flexibility to retirement

You think retirement, and the first picture that pops to mind is a life of idle in a sunlit location. Or possibly a little place in the Cotswold.  Whatever it is, people often assume that retirement means just kicking back and relaxing.

Not true, because retirees now want more. My internal research shows that the majority of our clients actually want to keep working post retirement. They just switch from the grind to projects that actually bring fulfilment and offer a sense of purpose. On retiring, our clients want to start a side business or two, take up teaching or try something completely new.

But don’t just take our word for it. Research by Merrill Lynch says the same thing: retirement today is seen as a far more fluid process where people reinvent themselves and transition to something new. The term retire-preneur is gaining popularity. In fact, people are now habitually working till they’re 70 or 80.

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Why is this?

Well, there are a host of reasons. The first being that people don’t just want to embrace idyll after a full working life. People still want purpose and a community surrounding them. Popping out for a late breakfast every day just doesn’t cut it.

The second is that people want to accomplish on their own terms. What retirement does is cut the shackles that bind, and let people be who they are, working on things they like. And if the planning has been put in place, people work for fulfilment and towards self-actualisation as opposed to needing to earn a living wage.

And finally, working after retirement might actually be good for the health and mind. It keeps faculties sharp and helps develop a routine.

So, we’re taking these findings to heart when designing retirement strategies for our clients. Here’s what we’re doing for you:


Clients want simple solutions that they can take with them anywhere in the world. Tying you down to a specific geography isn’t what we do – unless you’ve already decided that’s what you want. We make sure you have the exact tailored strategy in place for whatever and wherever you go.

Optimising for tax

If you’re going to be a retire-preneur, chances are you’ll want a steady income stream and not a lump-sum payout. So we make sure that you can access regular funds in the currency you want, without incurring hefty payouts to the taxman.

Money that keeps on working

Conventional retirement schemes were simple. You pay in during your working life and draw down in retirement. We’ve gone beyond that. We create diversified strategies for retirement. Some build a safety net. Others give you assets to use. And still others offer a working income. With multiple tiers, we make sure your money continues working and compounding even as you transition to an active retirement life.

The bottom line is that retirement isn’t goodbye from us. It’s a new start, and we continue working for you as you embark on new adventures. Happy retire-preneuring!

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Blog published by Mike Coady.

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